Apelsa Guadalajara

Apelsa Guadalajara, a leader in animal and marine by-products recycling, has the following 4 divisions:


Animal protein sources

Meals that are manufactured ​​from animal by-products are an excellent source of protein, which is rich in amino acids. These meals are used in the formulation of food for pets, pigs, cattle (both dairy and beef cattle) and poultry, aquaculture, among others.

Fish protein

In 2010, Apelsa Guadalajara started manufacturing fish meal, shrimp meal and fish solubles, which are an excellent source of protein for the formulation of feed for all species.

Organic fertilizers manufacturers

The raw materials used to manufacture organic fertilizers are carefully selected and processed using state-of-the-art technology under strict sanitation and quality control at every stage of the process to obtain products that provide excellent plant nutrition.

Organic Materials Review Institute
Activated carbon manufacturers

Activated carbon has the unique ability to adsorb a wide range of compounds from both the liquid and gas phase. This adsorptive feature is responsible for removing contaminants from water and other substances where the adsorbent material is added.